Yes, it's 2023 and our team decided to delete all of our social media accounts for Short QR.


We are going to focus way more on improving our product and support content to help you get the most out of Short QR. Instead of focussing on social media content, we think our time is better spent improving the platform. Social media is too much of a distraction.

Let's face it, it's more fun to see your friends on social media than a company posting boring updates.

One support inbox to quickly help you, instead of multiple social media platforms, and comment sections to keep track of you can just contact us in one place and we respond very quickly.

Where can you follow us?

You can follow our updates on our Roadmap, newsletter updates, or Blog. So we can go more into detail about what is happening with Short QR.

Aah btw there is one more place, not really a social media channel but we post our explainer videos on YouTube...

Hope this makes sense, you can always email me with your questions or suggestions.

I personally also deleted all my social accounts for, the same reasons, too many distractions. Time for focus!