QR code menu in a restaurant

Since we have Menu.Cards why don't we just integrate this into Short QR?

Manage your QR codes, Short links, and dynamic QR menus, all in one dashboard. Sounds so good to us that we're planning to add this later this year to the new Short QR dashboard.

The idea is to take all current feature requests we have for Menu.Cards and rebuild it from the ground up into an add-on for the Short QR dashboard.

Short QR initially started as Menu.Cards but most people were also looking for a more generic QR solution. That's why we decided to start Short QR, now we think it's time to combine the forces! Below you can see what we have planned so far.

All Lifetime Menu Cards customers will automatically have the add-on first.

Planned Features

The goal is to keep things as simple as possible but make it the best QR menu solution out there.

  • Translation.
  • Dynamic opening times, per time of day.
  • Unique QR code per table.
  • Custom notifications when ordered.
  • Discount codes.
  • Storefront, that can have multiple menus inside for example Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.
  • Customizing the storefront.
  • Accept online payments.
  • Add categories.
  • Add products, images, and prices.
  • Custom domains, for your storefront.
  • Add custom scripts or CSS.
  • Manually fill in the table number if not pre-selected.
  • Extra team members' settings.
  • Previous orders for customers + order again button.
  • Webhook notifications.
  • Tipping system.
  • Open/active tab, and pay when you're done.
  • Share payments between friends, via QR code.
  • What else would you like? Email me your suggestions.

Already a Menu Cards customer?

If you already have a lifetime deal for Menu.Cards and created stores and menus that are active then we will migrate them to the new Short QR dashboard automatically so you can easily manage your menus from the same dashboard.

PS. If you haven't already grabbed a Lifetime deal, this is your last chance. Before we migrate to a monthly subscription for the add-on.

There won't be any extra monthly costs for lifetime subscribers of Menu.Cards, when we start building the add-on we remove all lifetime deals and switch over to a subscription model for the extra add-on for new customers.

Migrate from a simple QR menu

If you already have a dynamic QR code pointing to your menu (made with Short QR) you will be able to easily change your dynamic QR code's destination to the new dynamic menu add-on, without the need to reprint your QR codes.

Email me what kind of features you would like for your dynamic QR menu, or if you have any other extra QR solutions that you would like us to add.  


Currently, we're really busy with finishing our biggest update to date, after we launch this update we're starting with the design and build of the QR menu add-on. Keep an eye out for newsletter updates & our roadmap to stay up to date.