TL;DR: Futch enhances music production courses with custom QR codes from Short QR, creating eye-catching marketing materials and driving engagement.

In today's digital world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with their audience. One such entrepreneur is Futch from Levels Music Production, who has found success using custom QR codes generated by Short QR. We had the opportunity to chat with Futch about his experience with Short QR and how it has benefited his online music production courses. Read on to discover his insights and creative ideas for using QR codes in marketing.

Give us a one-minute elevator pitch about what your company does

"At Levels Music Production, we empower music makers of all kinds to write, record, edit, and mix better songs at home. We achieve this by teaching them the timeless fundamentals of music production through online courses, live online coaching, and a supportive community of users."

How are you using Short QR to benefit your company?

"I'm planning a series of lead magnets and articles, each featuring a custom Short QR code with a vanity URL. The first one, "," will definitely grab the attention of music producers, as it's a bold statement that resonates with their desire to improve their mixes. The custom Short QR code will also make for an eye-catching laptop sticker. Ultimately, the link will direct users to the article/lead magnet, and hopefully, they'll fall in love with my content and sign up for my mixing course."

Why did you choose Short QR over a competitor?

"Short QR codes have a unique and stylish vibe compared to generic QR codes from other websites. They look more like fashion accessories than just a basic code. I'd love to see a faux fur design in the future!"

What is a use case of Short QR you would recommend to others?

"I think using controversial phrases or domain names is a great idea since you can add a custom domain to Short QR. When people scan your QR code, they'll see an intriguing domain name. Also, consider printing QR codes on T-shirts and having attractive people wear them around popular locations like Las Vegas."

How do you think Short QR can improve?

"Perhaps offering more alternative code pattern options would be interesting. There are already some cool designs, but adding patterns inspired by the Matrix or PacMan could be fun."

What features did you try, and why were they a perfect fit for you?

"I started by adding my logo to the center of the QR code and used the color picker to match my brand colors. I also love that I can link a QR code directly to my WhatsApp, which I hadn't thought of before. On my contact page, I have QR codes for Instagram and WhatsApp, and I plan to add more custom support links from Short QR codes, such as links to support emails, feedback, voting, and knowledge base."

How would you describe Short QR to other people?

"I'd say Short QR is like the 808s and Heartbreak-era Kanye West of QR codes. And I mean that as the highest compliment!"

Futch's experience with Short QR demonstrates the power of custom QR codes in capturing attention and driving engagement. By incorporating unique designs and vanity URLs, businesses can create memorable experiences for their audience and stand out in a crowded digital landscape. If you're looking for creative ways to promote your brand, consider exploring the possibilities with Short QR.