What do you mean?

Well, once a QR code is created you can't change the way it looks so that also means you can't change the destination that the QR code is pointing to.

But for example, if you take a QR code solution like Short QR you can make our QR code image and so the destination "dynamic". What this means is that you can update the destination at any time without having to reprint the QR code

Everyone could create the same QR code you created, if I want to create a QR code that points to Google.com I can do this with Short QR, but this doesn't mean I own the destination.

How can you own the destination?

If you use a QR code solution like Short QR you can also connect your own custom domain to the platform. With this custom domain, you can create dynamic short links which your QR code image can point to. Making it so that you have full control over your QR code's destination even after it's printed. I know it's like magic.

You own the domain, so, therefore, all dynamic short links you create using your own custom domain are yours forever. Sure you created them on Short QR but you can always re-add your short links on a different platform or do a 303 redirect.

Static QR codes Can't be changed

A QR code is static meaning that whatever information you put inside the little squares can't be changed. So for instance if you create a WiFi QR code (which is always static) once printed you can't change the password or router.  

In a way dynamic QR codes are also static since they will always point to the same destination after creation, but you own the destination and point it to a short link that acts as a point between the QR code and the end destination.

Hope this all makes sense if you have any questions you can always email me personally.

Important QR Notes

  • Once a QR code image is created you can't change the QR image
  • You can only own the destination of the QR code
  • Make sure to always use a custom domain for your dynamic QR codes so you own the destination for as long as you own the domain.
  • Use a QR code solution like Short QR to host the destination of your QR codes.
Do QR codes expire?
Once a QR code is made it will NEVER expire. But the destination can expire. Let me explain.