TL;DR: Reclaimed Brick-Tile effectively uses Short QR codes on sample boards, driving customer engagement and tracking marketing performance.

Today, we're thrilled to share an engaging conversation with James from Reclaimed Brick-Tile, a company that specializes in manufacturing brick slips for creating stunning exposed brick wall effects in both commercial and domestic projects. James will discuss how his team has been leveraging Short QR to enhance their marketing efforts and improve customer experience. Let's dive into this fascinating discussion!

Give me a one-minute elevator pitch about what your company does

“At Reclaimed Brick-Tile, we manufacture high-quality brick slips that are designed to create an authentic exposed brick wall effect for a wide range of commercial and domestic projects. Our products add warmth, character, and a unique touch to any space.”

How are you using Short QR to benefit your company?

“We've incorporated Short QR codes into our physical sample boards, allowing customers to quickly and easily access the correct product landing page on our website. This streamlined process makes it simple for customers to place an order and learn more about our offerings.”

Why did you pick Short QR over a competitor?

“We did our homework and researched several different options. Ultimately, we found that SQR checked all the boxes we needed and was incredibly user-friendly. The platform's ease of use made it the clear choice for our team.”

What is a use case of Short QR you would recommend to other people?

“Short QR is excellent for quickly linking customers to website landing pages and social media accounts. By incorporating QR codes into your marketing materials, you can provide a seamless experience for your audience, making it easier for them to engage with your brand.”

How do you think Short QR can improve?

“So far, we haven't encountered any issues with Short QR. We're quite happy with the platform's performance and features, and it meets all our current QR code needs.”

What features did you try?

Please explain why they were a perfect fit for you.

“We've been using dynamic QR codes, which have proven to be a fantastic fit for our business. These codes allow us to track which samples are generating the most interest and sales. This valuable data will help us make informed decisions and optimize our marketing efforts moving forward.”

How would you describe Short QR to other people?

“Short QR is an incredibly user-friendly platform that enables you to create customizable QR codes quickly and efficiently. It's a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies and connect with their audience.”

Anything else you would like to add?

“Short QR has been perfect for us as a small business, covering all our current QR code needs. We're now exploring new ways to integrate QR codes more extensively into our business operations and marketing efforts.”

We hope you enjoyed this engaging conversation with James from Reclaimed Brick-Tile and discovered how they're using Short QR to streamline their marketing efforts. If you're ready to add the warmth and character of reclaimed brick slips to your next design project, be sure to check out Reclaimed Brick-Tile. And if you're interested in exploring the benefits of QR codes for your own business, give Short QR a try!