TL;DR: Segern leverages Short QR for dynamic, engaging audience experiences.

Discover how Segern, a purpose-driven design company, has harnessed the power of Short QR to create unique experiences and opportunities for engagement. In this exclusive interview, we spoke with Andre from Segern to learn more about their journey with Short QR and how it has transformed their business.

Give me a ONE-minute elevator pitch about what your company does

"At Segern, we're passionate about refining great ideas and crafting extraordinary designs. Our mission is to support purpose-led entrepreneurs and startups, as we believe in the people who make the world a more joyful place."

How are you using Short QR to benefit your company?

"We're currently planning a new collection for both our apparel and prints line, and we're incorporating Short QR codes to create unique experiences and opportunities for engagement. This innovative approach allows us to connect with our audience in a more interactive and dynamic way."

Why did you pick Short QR over a competitor?

"We chose Short QR because of the dedication to design and care put into the platform, from functionality to user experience. It's evident that users' voices are heard with Short QR, which is a crucial aspect of any successful brand."

What is a use case of Short QR you would recommend to other people?

"I highly recommend using Short QR to create dynamic experiences and moments of connection with your audience. The versatility of dynamic codes allows for countless creative applications and opportunities for engagement."

How do you think Short QR can improve?

"Short QR has been consistently improving and adding new features, which we appreciate. However, we'd love to see the ability to create uniquely shaped codes, such as mapping codes to a brand's logo or generating Snapchat/Facebook Messenger style codes. Additionally, a mobile application for iOS and Android or even a PWA would be a fantastic addition."

What features did you try?

Please explain Short QR is the perfect fit for you.

"We've tried all the features except the link shortener. The existing features have met our needs and allowed us to go beyond basic code stylings. The customizations available with Short QR have enabled us to create more engaging and memorable experiences."

How would you describe Short QR to other people?

"Short QR is an all-in-one link and QR code generator and management platform with superpowers. It's a game-changer for businesses looking to create unique and engaging experiences for their audience."

Anything else you would like to add?

"Keep up the stellar work, Short QR team! We're excited to see what the future holds. ❤️"

We hope you enjoyed this insightful interview with Andre from Segern and learned more about how Short QR can elevate your business. Don't forget to check out Segern's beautiful store and see firsthand how they're using Short QR to create unforgettable experiences.