Targeting is a game-changer in the world of marketing, allowing you to deliver tailored content to specific audience segments. With Short QR's dynamic short link targeting feature, you can customize your short links and QR codes to direct users to different destinations based on their country, device type, browser language, and more. In this article, we'll explore the various targeting options available in Short QR and how to set them up.

You can find the targeting settings when you're editing a Short link:

  1. Go to your short link dashboard.
  2. Choose one of your links to edit.
  3. Select where you want to target on.
Select targeting options

In the next sections we explain the different targeting types Short QR has to offer for you.

Country Targeting

To target users based on their country, simply select "Country" from the targeting dropdown menu. You can then add different destinations for each country you want to target. This feature is perfect for directing users to region-specific content or offers.

Country targeting
Add different destinations for the countries you target

Device Type Targeting

To target users based on their device type, choose "Device type" from the dropdown menu. You can set up three different destinations for mobile, tablet, and desktop users. This allows you to optimize the user experience by directing them to device-specific content or landing pages.

Device type targeting

Browser Language Targeting

Select "Browser language" from the dropdown menu to target users based on their browser's language settings. You can add different destinations for each language, ensuring that users are directed to content in their preferred language.

Language targeting

Rotation & A/B Testing

Choose "Rotation & A/B testing" from the dropdown menu to split traffic between multiple destinations based on a percentage you define. This feature is ideal for testing the performance of different landing pages or offers, helping you optimize your marketing strategy.

QR A/B Targeting
Fill in the percentage on the left and the destination URL on the right.

Operating System Targeting

Select "Operating system" from the dropdown menu to target users based on their device's operating system. You can set up to seven different destinations for iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Linux, Ubuntu, or Chrome OS users. This feature is particularly useful for directing customers to the appropriate app store for their devices.

Operating system targeting


Short QR's targeting options empower you to create highly customized short links and QR codes, ensuring that your audience receives the most relevant content. By leveraging these targeting features, you can optimize your marketing efforts, improve user experience, and ultimately drive better results. Start experimenting with Short QR's targeting options today and unlock the full potential of your short links and QR codes!