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In 2021, SQR started its journey, and now we're the go-to tool for over 16K QR code enthusiasts! A huge thank you to our early adopters who saw our growth from humble beginnings to a powerful QR code creation and management platform. But we're not stopping here.

Get ready for a game-changing update that'll make QR code creation even more exciting and valuable for you. Let's take a sneak peek at the amazing features coming your way!

Short QR

Time for a change! As we're revamping SQR from the ground up, we're also introducing a new domain. For now, the dashboard and most short links remain on SQR.co. But with our upcoming update, we're moving the dashboard to a brand new domain: ShortQR.com! Don't worry, all existing short links will still work smoothly with the SQR.co domain and your custom domains.

And there's more – Short QR is a preview of the sleek new design coming to your Short link & QR dashboard. Get ready to be impressed!

Support Center & Roadmap

We're improving our support system for you too! Expect more detailed documentation and a wide range of helpful support articles. Plus, we're introducing a roadmap/changelog to keep you updated on our progress and upcoming features. If you have ideas or feel something's missing, feel free to share your suggestions with our team – we're always listening!

What will be improved?

Complete new UI: We're rebuilding SQR from the ground by removing extra clicks and bad UX, and improving where it's needed.
Offline QR types: We will still have static QR codes that can be used offline. All QR codes types can be fully dynamic: you can change the destination at any time, and you can even change the type for example, if you first created a vCard for the claimed QR code and later want to change it to point to your website this can be done with the new update without needing to reprint your QR code because the design will stay the same.
Branding design templates: Save the branding templates and reuse them for new QR codes.
Improved Analytics: See all your Short Links & QR code statistics in one easy dashboard that you can share with your clients and team members. 
UTM & Pixel templates: Create and save UTM & Pixel campaign templates and automatically add them to your QR codes and Short links.
Frames: Choose pre-existing frames, customize them to your liking, or even start from scratch and create your own frames around the QR codes.
Short QR logo editor
Logo Editor: Effortlessly customize your QR code by adjusting the logo placement, removing surrounding dots, adding a border, and defining the shape.
Reworked the team function: More control over inviting your team & the settings, and we added new roles. Especially the client role is a big improvement. Plus the team function is based on a company (projects). 
Privacy mode: Disable all tracking.
Targeting templates: Change the destination based on the targeting you set, like sending the scanners to the right app store based on their device.
More Dynamic QR types: We will be adding A LOT more Dynamic QR types to the editor to make the use cases even easier to set up for you.

One of the exciting features of our expanding dynamic QR code offerings is the ability to change the Dynamic QR code type after its creation. With the upcoming launch of SQR 3.0, you can seamlessly switch your dynamic QR code types. For instance, if you currently have a business card with a dynamic QR code directing to your website, you'll be able to modify the QR code type to a "vCard" later on. This flexibility will be included at no additional cost in the SQR 3.0 update, providing even more value to our users.

The future of Dynamic QR codes [must read]
Explore SQR 3.0’s revolutionary Dynamic Types feature, transforming the way we use dynamic QR codes and vCards for businesses and individuals.
Reworked custom domains: It will be possible to add custom domains faster and automatically. This is currently a manual task for our team.
Custom button page: Link in bio, Business card.
Assets based on a company: The team function will be based on projects and team members will only see or edit assets in that project.
Assets based on a company: The team function will be based on projects and team members will only see or edit assets in that project.
  • File upload: Menus, PDF, images, documents, etc
  • Servers: We're moving our servers to Europe.
  • Unique QR image styling: A lot more options for styling your QR code images. Never seen before dots and icons.

Extra Agency add-on

There will be an extra monthly fee to unlock the agency add-on.

You'll be able to add your own branding to white label your dashboard, and with our enhanced team function, you can include your clients and let them use the product as if it's yours.

Bulk QR Creation: Create QR codes and short links in bulk.
Custom domain client dashboard: Your customers will see only what you want them to see in your brand colors on your own custom (sub) domain.
Extra agency settings: Special settings just for the agency add-on to customize the dashboard even more for your team.
The tone of voice: Change the language to the tone of voice of your brand. 

Any many more extra customizations and Whitelabel settings.


Stay tuned to our Roadmap for updates on the launch.

Official Launch date: 12 October 2023.

Have a great day, and thanks for your support!
— Dave from Team Short QR