TL;DR: The Sabor Co. uses Short QR to share product traceability, connecting customers with farmers and boosting engagement.

At Short QR, we're always eager to learn how our customers are utilizing our QR code and short link generator to enhance their businesses. We recently had the opportunity to interview the founder of The Sabor Co., a Sydney-New Delhi-based startup focusing on bringing traceability and transparency within the spice trade. They shared their experience using Short QR and how it has impacted their marketing efforts and customer engagement.

Tell us about your business

"The Sabor Co., a Sydney-New Delhi-based startup focusing on bringing traceability and transparency within the spice trade.

We ethically procure all our products straight from farms across India. Not only does this allow our consumers to get access to traceability reports which include information such as farm location, farming practices, farm inputs, grade, varietal, and so on but it also gives us access to some of the freshest produce, most of which is harvested within the last 12 months."

"We were looking for a way to connect our customers with farmers and share important product-related information. This is where the idea of using QR codes on our product packaging came up.

I was first recommended Short QR on a startup community on Facebook called Sydney Startups."

"In order for us to share traceability information with our customers, we decided to utilize QR codes on our product packaging. Each spice jar comes with a unique QR code that enables customers to know more about how and where their spices have been grown.

Upon scanning, the QR code takes the customer back to a farmer's page on our website and gives them information about the product variety, grade, farm location, farmer story, harvesting date, and farm inputs!"

"We are currently in the startup phase and as such approaching food distributors and independent food retailers. The initial reaction we are getting. the QR codes as a technology being utilized to connect consumers with farmers are amazing."

"We liked the pricing plan that was offered by Short QR and the fact that we could get access to analytics for the QR codes.

Also, the ability to create a dynamic short link with our business name is something that stood out for us."

Would you recommend Short QR to others in your industry or network?

"Yes. Pricing, features, and the customer service being provided are something that makes Short QR stand out."

Sabor Co. crafted this QR code using their custom domain, linking it to a short URL, allowing them to modify the destination whenever needed.

We're thrilled to see how The Sabor Co. has successfully integrated Short QR into its marketing strategy, connecting customers with farmers and providing valuable product information. Their experience highlights the versatility and effectiveness of QR codes and short links in various industries. We're grateful for their insights and look forward to supporting their continued growth. If you're interested in exploring how Short QR can benefit your business, visit our website and discover the possibilities for yourself. Or reach out, we're happy to help you get started.